Information for buyers

This page hopefully explains all the questions you have before, during and after purchase of my artwork.

Regarding my work

Are your works all originals?

Yes, all art on this website is created by me, and are all originals. They ship with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Can I ask you for a specific work?

No, I don’t do commissioned work. If you are sure I need to make an exception in your specific case, feel free to contact me.

What kind of materials do you use?

All artwork on this website has a description telling you the materials used, it’s size, and it’s price. If you have a specific question, feel free to contact me

I think I own one of your works

That’s possible. A lot of my work is out in the world. If you want to ensure a work is mine,
feel free to contact me.

Can you tell me more about a specific work?

Allthough I prefer to keep my motivations behind an artwork to myself and let the viewer decide what they see in it; Yes, of course. Please contact me so I can tell you the story behind an artwork.

All my work comes with a certificate of authenticity

Purchase process

How do I purchase one of your artworks

Please contact me through the form on the artwork page,
or call/email me. I’ll confirm the sale, and prepare the work for shipping. As soon as it’s ready for shipping, I’ll ask you to send me the purchase price through bank transfer. The shipping is done as soon as the payment is confirmed.

Can I make you an offer?

Allthough my work is properly priced, feel free to send me an offer.

What if I want to purchase multiple items?

Just contact me, inform me which items you would like to purchase. I’ll be happy to give you a good price.


How much does shipping cost?

It all depends. My paintings are large, they have to be crated properly. And of course, the destination influences the price.

Can I have a carrier collect the work?

Sure, If you want to handle shipping yourself, this can be arranged. I’ll only charge for the proper packaging then.


In case you have any other question, inquiry or else. Feel free to contact me by phone or using this form